Hi, I'm Lilian Boulard,

About Me

I have a triple training in mathematics, system administration (cybersecurity, network architecture) and software engineering (web, software), applied to the domains of cybersecurity, cryptography and machine learning, which I'm mainly interested in!

Education & Experience

For more information, have a look at my curriculum vitae and my LinkedIn


Sami is a communication application - in the like of Whatsapp, Messenger or Telegram - but decentralized/distributed. It's a personal project I've been working on since 2020.

Python Cryptography Cross-platform

dirty_cat is a library aimed at handling dirty categorical data in machine learning settings.

Python Machine learning Research

First year Master's degree Natural Language Processing project.

Python NLP

A dynamic port-knocking system, which solves the main issue with port-knocking, namely static sequences.

Python SysAdmin

I maintain a cloud infrastructure used by my family. It hosts a few terrabytes of data and can support tens of concurrent sessions, while maximizing security and integrity.

Docker SysAdmin

I maintain a few websites for myself and my family.

Jekyll JavaScript PHP CSS HTML


Feel free to contact me, I'm available on different platforms, and my email is not hard to find either (I'm purposefully not including it on this page, to avoid being spammed).