Group projects

Sami DCA

A free decentralized communication application, designed to assure secure and anonymous conversations over a compromised network.


Project part of our Bachelor's Degree: a maze game with integrated pathfinding, replay and editor (among others features), and Hexagons ! All hail the Hexagons !

Personal projects

Port Knocking System

An open-source dynamic port-knocking system, which aims at solving the main issue affecting port-knocking systems: static sequences.

Professional projects


dirty_cat is an open-source Python library for statistical learning on non-curated categorical data. My work on this project is lead by Gaƫl Varoquaux, PhD.

QR Codes & GLPI (FR only)

A project part of my apprenticeship at Information Resources, Inc, which aimed at integrating a QR code system inside GLPI, and fit it to the company's needs.