Lilian Boulard

Artificial Intelligence student

Sami, the decentralized communication application

Sami is a messaging app (much like Whatsapp or Messenger) based on a decentralised network.
Its design prioritizes communications security and anonymity.


dirty_cat is a Python library for machine learning on non-curated ("dirty") categorical variables.
This project was initiated Patricio Cerda as part of his PhD thesis.
Gaƫl Varoquaux supervises my work on this project.

Knock knock

PKS is a project aiming to secure a server's access using a dynamic sequence port-knocking system.

Who am I?

I'm Lilian, a French Computer Science student, specialised in software engineering applied to Artificial Intelligence.


I'm currently doing my master's degree at the Paris-Salcay University.
It focuses on mathematics and computer science for data science and machine learning.


I work as a Machine Learning and software engineering apprentice at the French National Institute for Research in Computer Science and Automation (Inria), in the Soda team, formerly the Parietal team.
It is a 3-year contract that focuses tools and libraries development for machine learning research.


I work as a software developer, so I somewhat like writing code.

I am a fellow member of the Python sect :)


Anonymity and decentralization on Internet are two of my great interests !

Quite ironically, we can note that I give my full name on the web.

Nature is epic

With this icon, did you expect me to tell you how eco-friendly I am ?
'cause that's what I'm 'bout to do !
Mid-2019, I got very interested in organisms evolution !
I am currently the glad owner of a vivarium !
If I wasn't in computer science, I probably would've become a biologist.

At least I did until I listened to some music !
Have you ever heard music ? Because that's some next level epicness !
So much so that I learned to do it myself: I'm a self-taught pianist since 14, and guitarist since 17 !

Get in touch

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